For small- and medium- sized Canadian businesses looking to grow abroad, the right connection could be just a click away thanks to a new tool launched by WORLDiscoveries at Western University, the Centre for Advanced Computing, and Queen’s University Partnerships and Innovation.

InnoVenture is a new AI-based digital platform that quickly and accurately matches Canadian companies with potential international partners based on expertise and fields of interest, including investment, licensing, or distribution arrangements. 

The platform was funded by an Incremental Project Grant awarded to Western University by the Government of Canada to promote innovation and commercialization activities, and bolsters the activities of WORLDiscoveries Asia, which focuses on international science collaboration and technology industrialization between Canada and Asia.

Chris MacPhee, Assistant Director of Operations with the Centre for Advanced Computing feels that this new platform is just what Canadian companies need as they seek out new opportunities and partnerships to recover from the pandemic.

Visit to learn more and to register your business.