Discover the secrets of successful copywriting by joining one of Canada’s most acclaimed growth marketers, Founder and CEO of Growclass, and host of The Growth Effect podcast, Sarah Stockdale, in this two-part exclusive series about effective copywriting.

Dive into the world of copywriting for conversion as Sarah discusses her key copywriting tips and brings real and marketable advice backed by experience and results. Rethink the value of your words and learn how to write successful copy that will have your customers adding to their carts.

How to Write Copy that Converts 

Learn how to write copy for every corner of your business. Having effective copy for landing pages, ads, and emails is guaranteed to convert your readers to customers. Make your copywriting more robust through this series and master the tricks and tools to feel confident writing copy that converts.  

Add to Cart: How to Write Great Marketing Emails 

Find the right words with marketing professional, Sarah Stockdale, as she details her 3 key tips to help you write relatable and successful marketing emails. Whether you’re a pro writer or new to the magic of words, this session will help you invest in your growth by creating email copy that catches your customer’s eye.