Voices has long been an internationally recognized company for voice-over services, and for over 15 years, it has been the one-stop-shop for businesses needing professionally recorded and delivered voice-over services. Born from an idea written down on a napkin, Founders David and Stephanie Ciccarelli have grown Voices into the successful, globally acclaimed company it is today. With a history of quality services and worldwide recognition as a launchpad for freelancers, Voices has recently expanded into a full-service creative marketplace for voice-over, translation, audio and music production, music composition, and singing. Companies looking for these services can post a job for a specific skill set and get more out of the Voices platform with the varied products now available. Alongside this expansion, freelancers in over 160 countries speaking over 100 different languages can create detailed profiles, find and complete jobs, and generate freelance income in a marketplace built for them.   

Voices’ growth has allowed them to focus on this global expansion and create opportunities for companies and freelancers in the audio world. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Voices’ online services marketplace saw an increase in work coming through the platform as businesses who had previously sourced their voiceovers in person or through agencies were turning to remote services. Fortunate enough to be a solution to a new problem, Voices engaged businesses facing the challenge of sourcing work for their projects and keeping their audiences engaged during the pandemic. This kick-started Voices’ recognition in remote work on a global scale, bringing translation and other audio and voice services onto the platform for effective and authentic remote work.  

The growing need for translation services helped inspire this recent expansion as companies were caught in misinterpretations and incorrect translations when using inauthentic paths for translated voice-over audio. As the digital wave of the world’s mid-pandemic brought more businesses into the online space, companies were affected by the inability to accurately represent their products or services in other languages and countries. The international recognition and utilization of remote work allowed Voices to thrive as an accessible platform for all. “We wanted to make it accessible for our clients to work with people who know the language inside and out and understand the nuances and colloquialisms that allow for more accurate communication to customers and audiences,” says Kelsey King, Public Relations Specialist at Voices.   

Leaning into their creative services marketplace development, Voices now offers resources to clients with crafted messaging, informing them that professional and diverse voice-over can be easily secured through an online and entirely remote platform with no limitations or borders. Having already released product improvements this year, including single sign-on talent profiles, the company intends to help their growing community get more out of the platform as they expand. Being the destination for businesses and agencies to find a quality, creative freelancers, Voices looks ahead to a future of growth and accessibility. Understanding the importance of the equality and internationality that they are bringing to the business of creative audio services, King states, “With a variety of specialists and freelancers for any job, we continue to focus on creative services, quality talent, diversity, and responsiveness”. 

As Voices continues to grow and succeed, so do international remote work accessibility, multilingual freelance opportunities, and available work for creative service providers. As a result of the new and improved marketplace, businesses seeking voice-over, translation, audio and music production, and song composition can find the perfect freelancer for their project using the easy and highly accessible tool.