Two of London’s most innovative digital agencies, Northern Commerce and Digital Echidna, have established a strategic partnership to scale the global performance of each agency and attract larger enterprise-level clients to London. This ground-breaking partnership is a monumental move which further solidifies London as a technology leader capable of offering an array of sophisticated digital solutions.

Northern Commerce is an industry leader in North America for eCommerce development and digital marketing while Digital Echidna is one of Canada’s leading experts in digital experience design and enterprise content management. Uniting their teams in this strategic partnership allows the agencies to leverage a more comprehensive service offering to offer to larger enterprise clients.

Digital Echidna and Northern Commerce have each forged strong partnerships with internationally recognized industry partners such as Adobe, Salesforce, Acquia, Google, and Facebook. These partnerships and their respective expertise with the platforms have propelled each agency’s success working with large brands such as Napoleon Grills, Andrew Peller Limited, Rexall, and United Nations. Together, Digital Echidna and Northern Commerce have plans to attract more business to London by pursuing major North American brands and offer existing clients a more comprehensive set of solution capabilities.

Both agencies have recently been awarded Large Business of the Year by the London Chamber of Commerce at the Business Achievement Awards, which recognizes outstanding businesses in the Forest City. This strategic partnership enables both companies to maximize their resources and unite the performance of their respective teams to achieve greater results. Being two of the larger, faster growing firms in London’s tech sector who are active in the community, they are thrilled to work together and contribute to the growth of London’s economy.