Understanding now that event organizers don’t all come equipped with intimate knowledge of logistics, and the world of virtual events is a foreign landscape to many, Puurunen’s team has gained a renewed understanding of how organizers and attendees’ experiences have been disrupted, and the tools they need to overcome new hurdles.

The company now offers customized solutions to help organizers manage their live virtual events by leveraging built-in software solutions to go live, access information about hosts and speakers instantaneously, download content on the spot, and so much more built right into the platform. To make it even easier, they’ll manage these tools for you.

Tractus’ philosophy remains that the more organizers have to worry about the technology that drives their experiences, the more this learning curve can overshadow the event experience itself — on both sides of execution and participation.

Understanding the massive digital shift happening to events that connect us, it’s no longer just about giving space for people to gather. Now, it’s about cutting through a noisy digital environment where distractions and information are everywhere, and undivided attention is hard to come by.

For anyone who’s been thrown into the “event organizer” role, Puurunen has a few words, “If you’re thinking that your 2020 event has to be postponed or cancelled, think again. There are solutions to help you take it online.”