Benchmarking environmental impact with a long-term goal of helping companies with their waste reduction, Waste Solutions Canada has spent it’s 15 years in business innovating for impact on business and the environment. As a leading outsourced partner for waste and recycling services in Canada and the USA, Waste Solutions Canada leverages buying power, innovative technology, and national resources to deliver credible data, cost reduction solutions, and improved environmental stewardship to each of their clients. Intended for organizations that are interested in reducing cost or increasing landfill diversion, their software, hardware, data tracking, and consultation allows businesses to optimize their waste solutions through a single point of contact. 

Founded by Western University graduates who had environmentalism at the forefront of their career journeys, it became imminently apparent to the Co-founders, Jason Wilcox and Shane Curtis that systems and structures for waste and recycling management were needed in Canada, as the manual management of waste was causing record profit losses and unnecessary additions to the carbon footprint of businesses. Spending the first 10 years in business with steady growth and irreplicable data collection has allowed Waste Solutions Canada to skyrocket over the past 5 years with new technology, almost triple their 2018 employee count, and officially service coast to coast within Canada and the USA.  

Having endeavored to build a new software that allows Waste Solutions Canada to manage their services more efficiently, the 2018 soar to scale came as no surprise to the industry. As implementation of new technology fueled their growth, their innovations helped companies with real-time data on their carbon impact. “We pivoted into more innovative technology because we knew it would help us scale,” says Jason Wilcox, Co-founder and CEO, “We had a high demand for our service, and in order to scale effectively, we needed to invest in software that would automate our process. At the same time, we realized that a lot of companies were focused on their environmental impact, and so the timing was right for us to invest in the tech”. 

Creating a wish-list for how they wanted their software to work, Waste Solutions Canada got to work hiring a Chief Technology Officer and three internal developers who built the software needed for growth. They started by implementing an outsourced sensor technology for waste bins to accurately measure when a bin is full, mitigating the number of waste collection visits. No longer wasting money picking up half-full bins, the secondary implementation of thorough data collection and analysis software made for a perfect pairing to spur valuable cost savings and incentives for customers. Already utilizing this technology with ¾ of their clients, Waste Solutions Canada is giving their clients something they couldn’t access in the marketplace before, which is propelling new sales and prospects across the waste management industry. 

With a hyper-focus on building their brand both internally and externally, Waste Solutions Canada is continuing their expansive growth. Hiring in all sectors and touting accolades of the Great Place to Work Certification in both 2021 and 2022, their remote work perks and employee culture acts as the icing on the cake for their swift innovation and environmentally impactful values that drive their venture forward.  

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