TechAlliance Challenges Innovators to be part of London’s recovery and renewal by launching the London Innovation Challenge.  The challenge is a City of London funded London Community Recovery Network project, to accelerate and scale select London-developed solutions to address the recovery in areas of focus identified by the London community – Investing in People, Driving Prosperity and Fostering Community. 

The London Innovation Challenge is seeking London innovators to develop a sustainable technology solution to address challenges facing our community. Three recipients in the first challenge will win $20,000 in funding each plus custom business advisory services through TechAlliance growth coaches, and a suite of other benefits. 

Challenge 1: Reimagine Systems for People, is now accepting applications. Innovators will address the challenge of ensuring businesses support underemployed Londoners by engaging in equitable hiring, investments in people, and focusing on inclusivity to drive sustainable growth in London. Applications will be open until October 29, 2021, successful recipients will be announced on November 10, 2021.  

“As the community continues to respond to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, we recognize that rebuilding and revitalizing London will necessitate an equally unprecedented response”, said Christina Fox, Chief Executive Officer of TechAlliance. “TechAlliance’s London Innovation Challenge is a tremendous example of how innovation can reimagine systems and strengthen businesses to prepare for the opportunities ahead.”  

“TechAlliance’s London Innovation Challenge clearly demonstrates how recovery and transformation through innovation can happen here in London”, said City of London Mayor, Ed Holder. “This challenge will strengthen the areas of focus identified by our community within the London Community Recovery Network Framework.“ 

Applications for Challenge 1: Reimagine Systems for People, are now open at: