The Health Depot is an innovative online pharmacy with passionate and focused founders and a true value to the health of Ontarians with exciting growth ahead. It is a one-stop-shop for pharmaceutical care, using digital technology to make it easier, more convenient, and more cost effective to access the pharmacy care that you need. Expanding their online pharmacy to include comprehensive patient-focused care, The Health Depot provides prescriptions, more than 10,000 over-the-counter items, home healthcare products, and more. Their goal is to create a well-rounded, well thought-out, pharmaceutical care platform for patients with a mission to revolutionize pharmacy practices and expand access to knowledge for patients utilizing their innovative digital platform. Co-Founder, Andy Donald, a certified geriatric pharmacist, centers education within his innovation, authoring and creating routine blogs and webinars written and hosted by himself and other professionals for patients to learn from and understand their health in depth.   

The Health Depot is an emerging leader in digital pharmacy that brings the entire pharmacy to you, wherever you are. They provide same and next day shipping across Ontario, allowing comfort and ease for patients looking to balance medications and life symbiotically. Getting started is easy — you can either fill out a quick form online or give them a call and they take care of the rest. It boasts integrations that continue to put the focus on making the patient experience easy, with payment processing, insurance processing, free delivery, and real-time access to your health information. Having been built by pharmacists with a passion for patient care, The Health Depot provides a personal health companion program that ensures that you are taking the right medicine at the right time, and a thorough pharmacy care platform at the tip of your digital fingers.  

“I’m always trying to push the boundaries of what we can do to help”, says co-founder Andy Donald, “We have the information, tools, and expertise that we need to make a big difference”. With approximately one-third of Ontarians without a family practitioner, and collaboration and health information being  limited and siloed in the community setting, a big change like this is needed.  “With access to e-health, new technology and tools, The Health Depot is able to take part in combatting medication overuse and improving chronic disease management by helping to personalize medications to each individual based on side effects, drug interactions, or how our bodies process them. Redefining pharmacy and its role within healthcare as a whole, The Health Depot is bringing clinical pharmacy to the masses and using technology to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, effectively monitoring your medications and their safety. 

In recent expansion news and in light of the growth trend in digital health, the innovation and exciting trajectory of The Health Depot has only just begun as the GSC group of companies recently announced their acquisition of The Health Depot. A social enterprise founded by pharmacists and recognized as a pharmacy benefits management thought leader, Green Shield Canada (GSC) has a long history of improving care, increasing access to affordable medications, and making it easier for Canadians to live their healthy lives. Building on that history, this acquisition will provide unique value by utilizing deep clinical expertise and enabling increased social impact in local communities. “GSC aligns with our company’s values and vision”, says Donald, “The biggest excitement for us is that this acquisition will allow expansion throughout Canada, and so many more opportunities as we move forward”. Putting the pharmacists at the forefront and expanding on the values and roots of pharmaceutical education, this critical milestone will have an effective and positive impact on Ontarians, and soon, will be available for all Canadians.   

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