Building on the success of previous years, TechAlliance celebrates the completion of Cohort 8 of the GROW Accelerator in London, Ontario. This latest class of innovators is ready to tackle their respective challenges and capitalize on expansion opportunities. Cohort 8 represents a stellar suite of ventures that have one thing in common: all are providing novel value through innovation to serve gaps in their respective markets. By connecting them with highly-respected business coaches, we are committed to building a community of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs in Southwestern Ontario – it takes a village!  

Over the course of 5 sessions spanning 12 weeks, our entrepreneurs shared their goals and challenges for scaling their companies, while our experts shared key lessons from their own experiences as well as strategies for overcoming the barriers to growing a startup: 

GROW Sales – This session was a pivotal exploration into the world of sales dynamics. Entrepreneurs explored lead qualification, how to craft winning sales playbooks, and mastered the art of becoming a trusted advisor. With a focus on closing strategies, participants emerged equipped to conquer both B2B and B2C landscapes with confidence. 

GROW Product Management – delving into proven methods and frameworks, participants honed their skills in MVP creation, product enhancement, and roadmap development. With a focus on the importance of strategic customer interaction, they came out with a better understanding of meaningful dialogue, ensuring their products resonate deeply with their target audience. 

GROW Investment Readiness – exploring funding avenues, representatives from each startup dissected investor needs, term sheet variables, and pitch essentials. Sessions like these equip entrepreneurs with insider knowledge that can help overcome a major growth roadblock for companies trying to scale – how to approach investors from a favorable standpoint.  

GROW Intellectual Property – The startups collaborated with Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) to fortify their understanding of patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Proper insight into the importance of safeguarding your innovations can give entrepreneurs and their companies a competitive advantage.  

GROW Founders – in this candid session, the Founders dug deep into the uncharted territories of entrepreneurship. From chilling horror stories to unspoken truths, participants gained valuable insights into the raw realities of startup life.  

FOI Assist 

Specializing in helping Ontario’s provincial and municipal institutions with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, FOI Assist’s software streamlines the process for organizations, offering efficient tracking, management, and analysis of requests. Their innovation lies in utilizing advanced algorithms to automate tedious tasks, ensuring faster response times and enhanced transparency in information access. 

QuickCasa offers AI-powered lead qualification solutions tailored for real estate and leasing professionals. Their innovative platform utilizes advanced algorithms to streamline the lead qualification process, enabling agents to identify and prioritize high-potential leads efficiently. With QuickCasa’s technology, real estate professionals can optimize their workflow, increase productivity, and close more deals. 


Labourly’s innovative AI-powered matching algorithm efficiently connects businesses with the right talent, optimizing productivity and reducing staffing gaps. Offering a comprehensive workforce management platform designed as a straightforward HR solution for businesses, their products include streamlined scheduling, automated payroll, and real-time communication tools. 

Resonant Solutions 

An unconventional and unique end-to-end service provider of funding and IT (Information Technology) solutions, Resonant Solutions is described as an ideal union of IT/web development and grant writing/business consultation. Their team provide clients with an unparalleled range of expertise.  

Forest City Microgreens  

Forest City Microgreens cultivates fresh and sustainable microgreens locally in London, Ontario. Using innovative, technology-driven hydroponic vertical farming techniques, they deliver premium-quality greens while committing to their promise of no wasted water and no harmful chemicals.  

GROW contributed significantly to FOI Assist's long-term vision, equipping us with knowledge, connections, and inspiration to steer FOI Assist towards sustained growth and success. Additionally, GROW provided FOI Assist with opportunities to attend local conferences and community events that served as a launchpad for better integrating FOI Assist into London's tech community.

Justin Petrillo, Founder of FOI Assist 

Applications are now open for TechAlliance’s GROW Accelerator Winter 2024 Cohort. Interested? Apply here.