The holidays are around the corner. Whether you’re looking for something unique or practical, this shopping guide will help you create cherished memories, and you’ll be making an impact by supporting entrepreneurs in our region.

Check out the list of Southwestern Ontario companies that can make gift-giving a hassle-free and fun experience for you:


Picture of two women smiling holding training bras

If you’re looking for a special gift for your teen, Apricotton might be your answer! A bra designed to perfectly fit tween and teen girls, Apricotton creates a one-of-a kind bra that grows as she grows, making the first bra-buying experience less intimidating for teens going through puberty. Winning multiple accolades and awards, Apricotton is not only changing the game with their product, but also through a strong online community that is focused on supporting young girls by answering ‘uncomfortable’ questions. With special discounts for the holiday season, Apricotton bras make a great gifting option.


Woman stretching in yoga attire.

For a woman who loves taking control of her life, Hairstrong’s adjustable scrunchie makes for a great addition to your shopping list. Founded by an athlete and innovator, Nicole Baranowski created the world’s first adjustable scrunchie that will keep your hair in place, so that you don’t waste any time readjusting your hair to fit into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ scrunchie. Catering to different types of hair, Hairstrong has ‘Strongbands’ for thin, thick and long hair so that every woman can find a scrunchie for themselves. Worn and vouched by World Champions, athletes, cross-fitters and coaches, Hairstrong truly makes for a unique gift for the women who are constantly on the move.

Peacasa Snacks

A potato chip

For your friends and loved ones who are into healthy-eating, Peacasa’s chickpea chips will change the way they snack. A take on a traditional Mediterranean dish made from chickpeas and olive oil called ‘Socca’, Peacasa turned this chickpea snack into a delicious chip to encourage healthy snacking while saving the planet through their plant-based product. Currently found at stores and online in two flavours – sea salt and honey dijon, Peacasa Snacks have 30% fewer net carbs in comparison to the average potato chip, making it the ideal snacking option that satisfies your hunger. Get a 6-pack option of this snack as your go-to munchies while you binge watch your favorite movies, this holiday season.

Top Shelf Canada

Canada's premium Hot Sauce poster

Know someone who carries a small bottle of hot sauce wherever they go? Help them restock with a unique hot sauce packed with Canadian flavors. Top Shelf Canada provides a range of premium hot sauce that capture the essence of our favorite flavors – maple syrup, smoky notes, roasted pepper and more. With the aim of supporting Canada in reducing its dependency on importing goods, including condiments, Top Shelf Canada develops products with the vision of building a strong fellowship of Canadian products that are appreciated and enjoyed at a global level. Offering sauces with varying levels of heat, their current product offerings are Front Street Heat, Front Street Fire and Front Street Inferno, all with their own variations of mild, medium and hot.


Kabo showing their fresh kibble with a woman petting a dog in the background.

Buying for your furry friend or pet parents? Kabo will transform your pet care by facilitating a healthy diet, supporting your dog in living a healthier and happier life. Through their fresh cooked food and other services, Kabo ensures that every pet parent on their website finds an experience best suited for their personal preferences. Their latest offering is a membership plan which includes subscription to pet food, customized pet care with experts and access to a community of dedicated support. For anything and everything related to pet care, Kabo proves to be your one-stop-shop and works as a memorable yet practical gifting option this season.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for the season of gift-giving, celebration and merry-making.

Happy Holidays!