A husband-and-wife duo from Sudbury, Ontario made the big move to London to follow their passions in the entertainment, videography, and photography world. Along the way, they built a London-based business that is now helping other entrepreneurs create content in the digital world. Select Start Network is a commercial production studio, specializing in photography, videography, and live streaming. With a focus on creating specialized content for our ecosystem’s entrepreneurs and businesses, they provide a full-service feel for those looking for high quality content production. With options to utilize their services in full or access professional technical support, Select Start Network is a business owner’s dream for developing content alongside likeminded, spirited creators.  

Founded in 2021, Select Start Network was born from a passion for video and photo content and an interest in helping businesses reach their ideal clients. Select Start Network found a space to break into the industry where Londoners hadn’t experienced before, offering live-streaming services for events during a time in the global Covid-19 pandemic where event attendance was unpredictable. This service has been utilized throughout the pandemic for many reasons, as people began live-streaming major events such as awards ceremonies, business launches, or even weddings where an online stream allowed important guests to attend in a Covid-19 friendly fashion. With many years of experience in Twitch live streaming, a TV, Film & Broadcasting Degree and Photography Degree from Fanshawe College, and a whole lot of hard work between the two founders, Select Start Network grew into a local staple for providing businesses with the professional promotional materials they need for portraying their brand and image. 

With recent partnerships and contracts that allowed Select Start Network to utilize all corners of their professional knowledge and services, they put a spotlight on the opportunity for their clients to use one of the most imperative services offered, being professional technical support consultation. Select Start Network provides knowledgeable consulting in videography, photography, audio, live streaming, and more. This allows businesses and entrepreneurs to access one-on-one support to continue learning these skills on their own and using the knowledge and experience of Select Start Network to create content for themselves with a helping hand. This service is something the industry rarely sees, showing an impressive feat of allyship and compassion that allows their customers to learn and grow and ridding the gatekeeping tactics that are so often found in these creative industry spaces. This service allows more people to find passion and happiness in the art of videography that the founders hold so close to their hearts.  

Taking their passion to the next step, Select Start Network hopes to soon open their own studio that will allow clients to utilize a space to create content such as product images, headshots or video. They have a sustained focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs, with a strong wish to provide affordable and accessible studio space, consultation, and creation for those who have limited finances. Providing full-service content creation and malleable consultation services will help clients if, when, and where they need. “Content production has always been a passion project even before we started the business”, says Tracy Malette-Larcher, Co-founder of Select Start Network, “We have always collected gear and equipment and fell in love with the work, so we wanted to create our own space to bring others that service and knowledge”.  

As we are still currently living in the world of live streams, facetimes, and digital experiences, Select Start Network continues to provide London and surrounding areas with this indispensable service for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. If you are looking to gain new knowledge or utilize photography, video, live-streaming, and commercial and promotional content for all thing business – look no further.  

Go to www.selectstartnetwork.com for more information.