May 31, 2023 (Brampton, ON) – Today, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst (“the Catalyst”) and Cyber Legends are proud to announce a unique partnership to offer cybersecurity education and skill building to K-12 students across Canada.

The Catalyst – Toronto Metropolitan University’s national centre for training, innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity – and Cyber Legends, a video game development company dedicated to revolutionizing education by harnessing the power of play (and a graduate of the Catalyst’s Cyber Accelerator program) aim to equip all Canadian children and youth with essential cybersecurity skills and build their digital resilience.

The Catalyst’s CyberStart Canada program is an online program that uses gamification to measurably improve cyber-related knowledge in high school students and increase interest in cybersecurity careers – especially among girls and young women; while the Cyber Legends game and out-of-the-box, curriculum aligned teaching resources are focused on helping students from kindergarten to grade eight learn about internet safety and develop vital cyber safety skills. The partnership allows both organizations to collaborate in offering all students, educators and parents across Canada access to valuable cybersecurity learning experiences.

“As a society, we need to prepare children and youth for the ever-changing and somewhat worrying digital world at their fingertips,” said Cheryl Hayes, Co-Founder and CBDO of Cyber Legends. “Through this partnership with the Catalyst, we will be able to provide a safe and educational platform that strengthens cybersecurity awareness and critical thinking skills for all students.”

“The Catalyst is delighted to partner with Cyber Legends to offer all students – from kindergarten to high school – exciting and immersive cybersecurity learning opportunities,” said Charles Finlay, Founding Executive Director of Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst.

“By joining forces and using the power of interactive games and activities, we will empower young people with crucial cybersecurity knowledge and inspire the next generation of cyber defenders,” added Rushmi Hasham, Director of the Catalyst’s Workforce Training Programs and CyberStart Canada.

About Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst is Toronto Metropolitan University’s national centre for training, innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, and offering programs and services across Canada, the Catalyst empowers individuals and organizations to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges of cybersecurity.

Through its ground-breaking training and certification programs; unique commercial accelerator for cybersecurity start-ups and scale-ups; first-of-its-kind cyber range; wide-ranging public education programs; and influential policy development platform, the Catalyst helps drive Canada’s global competitiveness in cybersecurity.

About Cyber Legends

Cyber Legends is a game-based learning platform that teaches children how to be safe online. With their flagship game, “Cyber Legends: Defenders of the Digital Realm,” the company aims to revolutionize cybersecurity education through immersive problem-solving scenarios and gamified experiences. Designed to empower students with essential cyber safety skills, the educational video game combines entertainment and learning, along with a fully fleshed out K-8 teaching platform to support in-class lessons.