London, ON: On May 18, Perl Experiences, a technology company that helps people discover and book new, nearby things to do, launched its demo site. The firm is a local start-up spearheaded by Western University student Jainil Patel. This milestone is the culmination of almost a year of development and ideation alongside fellow co-founders Umair Dhillion and Kobe Ip.

A key element of Perl Experiences is its emphasis on “creating business for local businesses”. The discovery and booking services hold a two-fold benefit of both remedying the boredom of university students and couples all around, as well as generating publicity and foot-traffic for the hidden gems found a bit further from the beaten path.

Following the launch, Perl President Jainil Patel said “Our hard work is nowhere near finished. The next goal is to include all the best experiences that London Ontario has to offer. The inspiration for Perl came from university students unfamiliar with the area and struggling to find things to do, and as such, we intend to solve this issue for them first. None of this could have been done without the help of the TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario, and we are especially excited to move forward with their continued support.”

The Perl team has an ambitious roadmap for the company. Next up is the beta site which will feature real experiences in the London area as well as a fully functional booking system including group bookings and split payments. Later down the line, a mobile app version is also planned to be released.

You can check out the live demo at If you are a prospective business looking to be a part of our open beta or know an experience that everyone must try at least once, feel free to contact us here.