As an exciting emerging technology, 5G is a trending topic of conversation this year. It has the potential to meet demands for consumers and industries with faster and higher-capacity mobile networks than ever experienced before. Responsible for everything from TV and radio broadcasting to the wireless data we use daily, this up-and-coming wireless spectrum has infinite possibilities and uses for the future of fast, accessible, and innovation-driven technology. Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, now have a chance to play with this tech before it becomes widely available. The Ontario Centre for Innovation (OCI) has announced free-to-play 5G testbed access for SMEs in Ontario and Quebec. 

By opening the 5G Innovation Platform as a Service (iPaas) testbed to anyone who wants access and meets the criteria, OCI has made it so that SMEs can use this testbed to develop technology solutions with no money involved. Accessibility to iPaas is expected to benefit SMEs in many ways, including technical expertise, training, and talent development.  

Hosted by ENCQOR, this wireless testbed will enable early access to an ultramodern 5G development platform for prototyping and testing new products and services. This cutting-edge platform boasts potential speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, low latencies, and increased network capacity, delivering advanced creations of smart technologies.  

Access to this type of technology is rarely accessible to those who don’t have the funds or connections. With complimentary business support services, SMEs can now leverage the full potential of this new generation of digital infrastructure. Connection via technology is the future of business, and OCI has enabled the small players to take big chances using this 5G testbed.  

Coordination with the Ontario Centre for Innovation allows ENCQOR to provide this free testbed with capabilities that encourage SMEs to take part in this innovative technology. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to roll out your innovation with a new wave of fast network, this 5G iPaas testbed will launch SMEs into the future of digital innovation, and it will do so quickly.  

SME’s looking to access this pre-commercial wireless environment at no cost can fill out an application through ENCQOR’s website here.