In their final year as independent companies before an already-announced merger, top London technology firms Northern Commerce and Digital Echidna both find themselves on Canadian Business and Maclean’s magazine’s key growth lists published today.

Digital Echidna makes its fourth consecutive appearance on the Growth List ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, this year appearing at 280. Northern Commerce is ranked 79th on the 2020 Startup List. This recognition follows both agencies recent recognition on the Report on Business’ ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies

While Northern was founded within the past five years — meeting the timeframe mandated by the Growth List — its creation was built upon the earlier foundation of two innovative companies: Inspiratica and ATMOS. That history of success bodes well, he said, for the merger of Northern and Digital Echidna. 

For Digital Echidna president Andrew McClenaghan, the company’s presence on four consecutive Growth Lists is reflective of the dedication that the team has not only to customer service, but also being willing to take chances, learn new ways of working, and embracing new technologies — a must in this ever-changing digital environment

Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the Growth List profiles the country’s most successful entrepreneurial businesses. The Growth List is produced by Canadian Business. 

“The companies on the 2020 Growth List are really exceptional. Their stories are a masterclass in how to survive when the economy throws a curveball. Despite turbulence, 2020 Growth List companies showed resilience, spirit and, most importantly, empathy and strong leadership,” Susan Grimbly, Growth List editor, explained. “As we celebrate over 30 years of the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program, it’s encouraging to see that the heart of Canada’s entrepreneurial community beats strong, even in tough times.”

As much as it is a win for both organizations, DeLorenzi said it is also a recognition of the powerful technology industry in London, and for the people, organizations, and educational facilities that support it. 

“We can’t grow without talent. We can’t grow without community support. And we can’t grow without a city welcoming and supporting the people who live in it,” he said. “From Western to Fanshawe to LEDC and TechAlliance to the City of London itself, all of these organizations combine to make London a place where not only can companies like us grow roots, but they create an environment where we can grow and flourish.”

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