Josephine Marchese knew she had to do something about the ever-increasing wait times in Canada when she lost her father due to the absence of timely medical support. Suffering for 30 years with various diseases like coronary artery disease, colitis and diabetes, her father often needed referrals to specialists which led to Marchese spending innumerable hours scouring through a list of professionals, only to find them without an online presence. Time was of essence, and the long, inconvenient process of looking for resources in Canada only made it more difficult. “No family should struggle to find the help they need, I have to do something” this thought inspired Marchese to introduce an easy-to-use, one-of-a-kind directory called NoMoreWaitLists. 

With a background in the financial sector and customer service, Marchese has always loved helping people, “As a kid, I grew up seeing my parents supporting our relatives when they moved to Canada and helping their friends in every way possible, and I believe that encouraged me to lend a helping hand to my friends and loved ones too. My friends would always come up to me whenever they are unable to find the right resources and that’s when I realized that if I can help and support my friends, why can I not support Canadians all over the country?” 

Founded in 2020, NoMoreWaitLists is a comprehensive online service directory that provides support to clients by showing availability and giving the ability to make appointments on platform or by phone. Unlike other directories which only provide basic information such as website links and email addresses, NoMoreWaitLists aims to make the process easy, allowing clients in need to make instant availability requests through the portal itself. 

Long waiting lists and lines have been a predominant issue across all Canadian sectors, especially health care. In a recent study by Fraser Institute, specialist physicians in Ontario have a median waiting time of 18.5 weeks and the province of Nova Scotia has a waiting period of approximately one year. Challenging these statistics, Marchese envisions to abolish wait lists across Canada, “My long-term vision for NoMoreWaitLists is focused on expanding our categories, catering to the needs of our clients. Everybody deserves a chance to get the services they need in time, and my main aim is to create that experience for all Canadians.” 

With businesses listed across 15 categories, the platform encourages ventures to register themselves by providing three different listing options:  

  • Free Registration: This includes details such as a profile, contact information, directions and ‘availability request’ form on the platform at no cost. 
  • Paid Registration: This includes similar details as free registration option with the addition of a featured listing and businesses can utilize their booking system or integrate their existing one into the platform at an economical cost.  
  • Digital Marketing Package: This package is an all-in-one solution for businesses to set up their online presence and create brand awareness. The platform will support setting up a website from scratch, provide domain registration, establish social media presence, create a custom contact form and more. 

As for clients looking for services, all they need to do is register on the platform and select the right category and location to search through a plethora of listings of service providers and professionals. Once they find the right provider, they can either request availability or proceed to make a booking.  

Hitting an all-time record in January of this year, with over 11,000 views per day, Marchese shares that the demand for the platform is on a constant rise, “We saw people using this during the pandemic, but the demand has increased after Covid-19. Our website traffic has gone up by 150% in just the past few months, which means more people are getting on the platform.” With 1,400 mental health professionals registered, NoMoreWaitLists already boasts of having no wait times for people seeking mental health support, “The largest share of our listings fall under the mental health category, and it is amazing to see that we can already provide this support without any wait times.” shares Marchese.  

For businesses that are interested in listing on the platform, visit the For Business page here and for clients wanting to find services using NoMoreWaitLists, visit their website here.