Cannabis and hemp extraction and processing facility, Motif Labs, are scaling their operations to differentiate themselves in a competitive legal market. Their recent announcement of the addition of 8,000 sq ft. to their already large facility increases their leased space 40,000 sq ft. This expansion is expected to facilitate the growth of core operations in extraction, purification, and formulations, as well as fulfillment of over 300,000 vapes and 300+ kilograms of distillate per month.

Motif’s new solventless terpene extraction technology allows them to extract a larger volume of solventless, 90-95% purity terpenes, making the company the first large-scale supplier and extractor of pure cannabis-derived terpenes. Their advanced development of the extraction process will allow for the preservation of the intrinsic cannabis flavour and aroma.

This facility expansion alongside the new extraction technology will enable Motif to increase their core operations and accomplish the fulfillment of goods for its brand partners. The addition of facility space will also be used for the production of new and exhilarating products set to be announced later this year. This exceptional momentum will further contribute to a flourishing and cost-efficient legal cannabis market.

Founder and CEO, Mario Naric, believes that the future of the industry is in natural cannabis flavours and that Motif is situated perfectly to become an industry leader within that reposition.