The M.I. Friends program provides children with a comfort toy, support videos and activities to work through, while also giving parents strategies, tools, resources, and suggestions on how to support their child as they learn to self-regulate. The stuffed comfort toy, ‘Poppy’ can help manage stressful situations when big feelings arise.

Poppy has been designed to help families develop strategies, start a conversation, and bridge the gap to care with tools to strengthen educational and medical support.

A portion of every purchase will go back to support children’s mental health.

Developed with the experts at The Child and Youth Development Clinic at Western University and educational advisors with decades of experience helping children and their families manage their feelings, Poppy’s online program will also support future research and development around children’s mental health.

M.I.understanding aids families in starting difficult conversations. Supporting early intervention and helping to increase awareness and understanding, the venture provides more families with the tools and resources they need to raise healthy and resilient children.Help them continue to create a community of support for families when you support and share their program: