Two of London’s top technology companies have found themselves amongst Canada’s elite businesses, as Northern Commerce and Digital Echidna were both named to the Report on Business’ 2020 Canada’s Top Growing Companies list. And the future looks bright as the two independently successful companies have recently come together with Northern’s acquisition of Digital Echidna.

Northern Commerce ranks 280th on the 2020 iteration of the Report on Business’ ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. Digital Echidna is ranked 397th. Digital Echidna appeared last year on the inaugural Top Growing Companies list.

DeLorenzi said the fact that both Northern Commerce and Digital Echidna have independently earned spots on the annual list bodes well for the future as the two organizations combine. Earlier this year, Northern Commerce acquired Digital Echidna and the two companies are in the midst of the merger process.

“Both companies have proven that they can succeed independently, becoming leaders within our respective industries,” DeLorenzi added. “As we come together, our complementary skill sets and shared talent resources offer us an extremely strong foundation upon which we can continue to expand and support the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

For Digital Echidna president Andrew McClenaghan, the recognition of both companies just serves to reinforce the potential of the merged entity.

Both companies, historically, have been committed to doing business the right way, We are both customer-focused organizations that prioritize quality work and customer satisfaction. Aligning under the Northern brand, we look forward to bringing two proven entities together and using that shared strength to not only attract larger clients, but also to amplify the message that London, Ontario is a hub for digital commerce, as evidenced by the fact that six other local companies, including JMP Solutions, Mobials, Paystone, Pulp & Press, tbk, and Waste Solutions Canada have joined us on this list. “I believe that this recognition shows that not only is the two joined companies’ future bright, but so too is the future of the tech industry in London

Andrew McClenaghan, President of Digital Echidna