Fantasy sports has long been an elite game for big spenders with time to spare, but Bounty Sports has changed the narrative for the average sports fan. Creating an innovative daily fantasy sports platform built for casual fans, Bounty Sports has designed a place for you and your pals to play in fantasy leagues that makes sense in everyday life. Founded last year by Ivey Business School alumni, Jess Hodgson, Bounty Sports has seen a growing number of thankful sports fans participating in their contests. “Bounty Sports is the only daily fantasy sports platform in the world that does multi-sport, meaning you can play on soccer, hockey, football and more all at once” boasts Hodgson, CEO and Founder. With plans to add even more sports to their platform in the near future, excitement is ramping up in this people and player-focused tech start-up. 

With growth and scaling plans in action, Hodgson looks ahead to a bright future for Bounty Sports, “We want to spend this year developing our marketing team and focusing on our expansion in the U.S.”. After identifying pockets of online communities focused on all types of sports specifics, Hodgson recognized the power of organic marketing and engagement. Using these tools has allowed the app to reach audiences of dedicated sports fans in many spaces of the internet. “We connect with already established sports communities and use sites like Discord to create a community chat room where we can talk to our users one-on-one and create a space for Bounty Sports,” says Hodgson.  

With the heart of a grassroots organization, this involvement in micro-communities with passive sports fans allows Bounty Sports to be constantly engaging in authentic discussion with the people that matter the most, their customers. Bounty Sports intends to spend the rest of this year focused on a strategic talent play, hiring more marketing professionals to ensure optimal online organic interactions.  

In the U.S. Bounty Sports has already begun its face-to-face marketing strategies, implementing promotion teams at sporting events to engage with potential app users while offering a $5 in-app gift as a sign-up incentive. This gives their real-life players a chance to test and learn the fantasy game without any personal losses. The accessibility of the platform within North America allows for game and sports options that fans can utilize in whatever way they choose. Aided by the simplicity of the game, with a focus on winning and losing, as well as point systems for “underdog” teams, players can focus on multiple sports and low-commitment fantasy games. Taking away the specifics of the game, such as goals and penalties, allows for the platform to be multi-sport and therefore easier to play for users who just want to add a little fun to their game watching.  

With a bright future ahead, Bounty Sports’ focus on growth, funding, and marketing will create traction for scale. The already established avid fan bases of sports leagues and teams across North America create a community where Bounty Sports is a welcome member. With access to one-of-a-kind accessible fantasy sports gameplay, the average sports fan can now take part in their favourite fantasy games that have historically been out of their league.