Locorum Inc. is launching its new platform–www.locorum.ca– that rewards customers for supporting small, local businesses on March 17th, 2022.

It all started with a simple objective: make supporting local easier and more rewarding. We wanted to leverage technology to empower small businesses to compete with the giant corporations that often clobber mom and pop shops. That meant we needed to provide incentives for supporting local, make it easier and more convenient for customer to find local businesses, and give businesses a risk-free way of acquiring new customers.

From that concept, Locorum was born. Locorum, which is Latin for “protector of local”, was created to support local businesses and the entrepreneurs that operate them. We started out as an eCommerce store where customers could find all of their favourite local vendors under one virtual roof and earn rewards with every purchase. Our platform has grown and shifted as we learned from local entrepreneurs how to support them better.

Locorum meets the needs of local entrepreneurs by creating a risk-free platform that helps them acquire customers and receive verified reviews without paying monthly fees for their profile. Customers can easily find trusted service providers and earn big rewards for supporting local.

How It Works

Anyone looking to hire a business can head to Locorum. They’ll find services such as realtors, renovators, registered massage therapists, graphic designers, personal trainers, and everything in between from verified, Canadian small businesses. For each service provider, they’ll see the dollar amount in rewards that they can earn by working with that business as well as verified and trusted reviews.

Once they’ve chosen the service provider, they’ll be instantly connected through Locorum’s secure platform. After the services are complete, they’ll be mailed a Locorum Rewards Mastercard with their rewards automatically loaded, redeemable at any small, local business on our Redeem Directory. The customer will also be given the opportunity to provide an honest review of the services that they received, helping others on the Locorum platform make future decisions about trusted businesses.

Locorum also launched London’s Largest Small Business Directory with thousands of verified local businesses where you can spend your rewards – which are as good as cash!

The Micro-Economy

Customers are incentivized to support local service providers with the large rewards they will receive from natural spending. Customers will earn on the hires they make via Locorum and be able to spend their rewards on the thousands of local businesses on our Redeem Directory. This creates a micro-economy that keeps money cycling within our local community. It supports our peers, our neighbours, and our friends.