The Canadian dog food delivery startup, led by two Western University alumni, have found new opportunities to grow in times of economic downturn. Enabled by data-driven meal customization, a user-friendly online buying experience and contactless delivery to boot, Kabo’s conscientious approach to consumers has proven itself a key ingredient to early startup success.

As a result of still-developing safety considerations to minimize exposure to COVID-19, consumers continue to seek more convenient solutions for the well-being of their families — fur children included.

For dog owners in search of healthier options, not only can fresh ingredients be difficult to source with reduced store hours and capacity limitations, but taking the time to formulate nourishing meals is out of the question for many.

Kabo’s recent consumer study reported that dog parents showed an overwhelming preference to purchase pet food online post COVID-19, with millennial dog parents representing the most significant shift at 88%.

Recognizing that there remains an opportunity to fill a glaring need in this space, Kabo has doubled down on their commitment to providing pet owners with better options and peace of mind through the pandemic.

The shift in purchasing behaviour of dog parents in Canada is evident, however many pet food brands and retailers haven’t made that adaptation, We are excited to be working with Google For Startups Accelerator to bring in a new commerce experience that makes finding healthy pet food easier than ever before!

Kabo CEO, Vino Jeyapalan

Kabo has already delivered over 250,000 meals to pets across Canada, and they intend to keep the momentum going as one of nine startups in the inaugural Google for Startups Accelerator cohort in Canada.

Rallying business advisors and advocates in the region, Kabo’s ability to adapt has been crucial. “Kabo Fresh Dog Food is an incredible growth story amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and shifting consumer preferences,” says Dennis Mazajlo, Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Race Roster, who also serves as a strategic advisor for the startup.

I’m a customer first and have been amazed at the convenience, and reliability of the service, and most importantly the health improvements I’ve seen in my dog. The customized meals built off real data about my 11-year-old Border Collie clearly work, I’m fortunate to have connected with Vino during my time at Western U, and have been part of their advisory team for close to a year.

John Smith

With a spot in Google’s prestigious accelerator and advisement from accomplished technology leaders, Jeyapalan says Kabo is preparing to keep innovating in their space. “We are working with Google to build the next generation of commerce for pet parents by utilizing pet data and machine learning to make raising your dog easier.”