For the past 23 years, Nielsen IT Consulting has operated on a strong and stable basis of an entrepreneur who is passionate about her industry and innovative in her approach. Emily Nielsen, Founder and CEO of Nielsen IT Consulting, started her business after years of employment within the telecommunications industry. What started as a love for consulting and a knack for building systems and processes that integrated into the ecosystem seamlessly, quickly became a budding business that offered services to help organizations find telecommunications solutions specific to their needs. Working as an independent consultancy, Nielsen IT Consulting helps organizations such as large corporations (some with multiple locations) or call centers streamline their telecommunications investments and have breakthroughs in their cost savings and human resources.  

Quickly recognizing an untapped need in the industry, Nielsen began building software as a service (SaaS) for her company that provided a one-stop digital solution to what is traditionally an in-person, paper-heavy job. As businesses grow, their need for intelligent and intuitive organization grows with it. Specifically in the world of telecommunications, keeping track of invoices, bills, payments, providers, and all of the quick-moving information needed for routine work is typically the job of an employee managing an overflowing inbox, an over-used printer, and one too many filing boxes. With the SaaS that they created, Nielsen IT was able to collect and condense the necessary paperwork into their software for easier management and organization. Their consulting services quickly became necessity for large businesses or those with hefty telecommunications needs, as their conversations with Emily Nielsen herself, or other consultants within the company, allowed them to understand the data they were collecting, find the best and most cost effective options from people who knew the ins and outs of the industry, and then input all of this information into one secure and systemized software that intelligently modernized their breakthrough results. 

“When we started implementing our software with some of our clients, their ideas started flooding in for all of the other incredible things we might be capable of building that would help automate their processes even more,” says Nielsen, “Once it was in use, it became apparent that the possibilities were endless.” 

In 2018, Nielsen realized that the software she had created had become bigger than she could have ever imagined. With her humble beginnings as a solo-entrepreneur, consulting on what she knew best and building her network and team as she went, she reflects on the successes of her business and software as a dream she could have only imagined. Lending a generous and deserved credit to the people who supported her along the way, Nielsen states, “It was so important to be connected to people in the industry. When I had questions or didn’t know the next steps, I knew people who had the information I needed, and who knew that they could lean on me for support if they needed it, too. Every step of this was a team effort”.  

As a recent participant in TechAlliance’s GROW Accelerator, powering regional entrepreneurs to propel their businesses through growth coaches and founder-first advisory services, Nielsen IT Consulting is continuing to put their foot on the pedal of innovation and growth for their business. Newly rebranding their official and ever-growing software named IUNGOTM, Latin for “join”, their continued success is anticipated and celebrated by those who get to work and innovate alongside Nielsen and her team. Offered across the country with astronomical growth opportunities ahead, companies can utilize the consulting and consistent innovating of Nielsen IT Consulting Inc. to aid in their own venture growth. 

If you would like to learn more about IUNGO TM to see a demonstration, or access any of their other telecommunications consulting services, go to to get started with a free consultation.