When Paystone made it to the Team True North list earlier this year, the Southwestern Ontario region anticipated the addition of more scaling ventures from our ecosystem to the list in the future. The anticipation ends as we are excited to see another London-based company as the newest addition to this list. Info-Tech Research Group has been named as the newest member of Team True North, a proactive, data-based collaboration that serves to identify the country’s highest-potential tech companies. Companies recognized as part of Team True North represent the top 1% of Canada’s highest-performing global private companies.  

With the commitment of providing accurate research insights using transformative practices, Info-Tech Research Group is an IT research and advisory company which aims to provide relevant IT-based research to help executives and employees make well-informed decisions in a timely manner. With approximately 1,300 employees spread across their offices in the US, Canada and Australia, the company recently celebrated 25 years of serving various IT professionals and a change in its executive leadership. The new CEO, David Godfrey assumed his position during this exciting time for the firm and credits this milestone to the innovative team that they have at Info-Tech Research Group, “There is tremendous market opportunity for Info-Tech as the demand for our services grows. We’re looking forward to all that the coming years will bring as we continue to innovate and expand our offering. We are proud to be named to the Team True North list for 2022.” 

As industry partners and the Regional Innovation Centre that has been involved with Info-Tech through their different business stages and in multiple capacities, Christina Fox, CEO of TechAlliance, shares her enthusiasm about this accomplishment, “With London being listed as one of the top North American markets for tech sector and various ventures rapidly scaling in the Southwestern Ontario ecosystem, it comes as no surprise to see another TechAlliance company join Team True North alongside other high-performing tech firms in the top one per cent of companies in the world. The amount of growth that Info-Tech has experienced is phenomenal, and it gives me immense happiness to celebrate this big win with David and the Info-Tech team.”

“We’re thrilled to have identified 25 more world-class tech firms in Canada’s innovation economy to add to our 2022 Team True North roster,” said Chris Albinson, CEO and president at Communitech. “Our tech ecosystem’s ability to weather current economic challenges is due to their impressive growth and an unwavering commitment to Tech For Good, which is a distinct global advantage for Canada.” 

Backed by 20 years of empirical data from Silicon Valley Bank, with analysis done by Two Sigma in New York, companies that meet the set performance metrics have the highest probability of reaching $1B in revenue at record speeds.  

Working in collaboration with Communitech and other involved partners of Team True North, TechAlliance is proud to advocate and support recognition and amplification of businesses and ventures to be named on the Team True North list. Considering constant data evaluation for identification of high-potential Canadian tech and innovation companies and exponential growth witnessed by the region in the past few months, it is only expected that more such accomplishments and accolades are achieved by the regional companies in the coming years.