HR4 President and Founder, Heather Macpherson: “Jay’s impressive track record and experience scaling private Software As A Service (SaaS) companies without extensive outside funding will be a huge asset to HR4. Jay is also a caring and empathetic leader who will have a positive impact on our people and our customers. I’m really proud of the suite of applications we’ve built and how happy our customers are to this point. That said, we have ambitious aspirations and Jay brings a new level of confidence and set of experiences that I believe will be invaluable to continuing our evolution at the next stage.” Macpherson, who has built an impressive career and several businesses consulting with automotive dealers, will remain active in HR4 as President and Head of Product, while also serving on the company board.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunity to join the incredible team at HR4 as we enter the next stage of growth as a leader in ROI-focused Human Capital Management solutions and an employer of choice for exceptional talent.” said the CEO Hedges. “From the moment I met Heather, Bri and the team at HR4, I knew they were building a special company. HR4’s suite of apps and how they impact the bottom line of 250 happy customers is inspiring. Heather saw the opportunity to bring some lessons I’ve learned scaling other privately-owned and self-funded tech companies to help guide the growth at HR4. We’re going to have a lot of fun and savour every moment of this journey as we bring the message of ‘improved profits and employee experience’ to a much wider audience over the coming years.”

Jay holds two decades of experience leading growth in a variety of successful SaaS companies. Jay has led large global revenue teams as they exceeded aggressive growth targets at companies like Roadmunk, Avanti, Vision Critical, Uberflip and Citrix. Jay holds a BA from Brock University, an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and an LL.M in Global Business Law from The University of Toronto. Jay brings wide-ranging experience in fast-growing technology companies to support HR4’s direct sales expansion in the North American automotive industry as well as developing a partner strategy to address other key verticals.