A group of London, Ontario innovators have developed a tech solution to tackle a pain point in the healthcare sector — hiring.

With an equal focus on caregiver candidates and employers, Caring Support knows that after a year of massive disruption and continued overwhelm as a result of a global pandemic, healthcare organizations need a platform to transform the way they connect with talent. On the other side of the equation, candidates need tools to streamline the application process and give more visibility to their qualifications.

Leveraging one single platform to connect both parties, Caring Support becomes a two-sided hiring marketplace with a current focus on attracting caregivers including registered nurses, registered practical nurses, personal support workers and volunteers.

Empowering candidates to build out detailed and engaging profiles with personality, the platform is committed to helping them stand out and find the right fit in an overwhelmed industry.

Paul Yuhasz, VP Marketing, said that in speaking with healthcare organizations, their current needs for qualified hires need to be met with an easy and streamlined user experience.

It’s in this niche, Yuhasz said, that there lies an opportunity to address attrition issues by allowing employers to connect with well-trained prospects and explore their histories, interests and personalities. “All we want is for Caring Support to be the go-to place for healthcare jobs, where employers can find good people that can make an impact.”

Front line professionals are needed more than ever — and they need innovation. Caring Support’s platform, announced at the end of 2020, is now live in Phase One and making an open call to retirement homes, long term care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare employers to begin posting jobs. Giving them a view of healthcare professionals and volunteers, trained for their environments, the team is hopeful that this will minimize the time it takes to land the right hire.

From video resumes to integrated criminal background checks, Caring Support’s team continues to work on robust features to continue improving the experience.

Healthcare is highly regulated and appears to be one of the last verticals to be innovated from a talent acquisition process

Robert Lake, Chief Operating Officer

When calculating the hard and soft costs of hiring, there are many variables. From crafting a job post, collecting resumes, flipping through submission formats, interview scheduling and formulating an offer — not to mention the scattered communications in between — all need to be considered, Lake said.

“We are excited to see Caring Support short circuit the time and effort it takes to find qualified healthcare candidates ready to work by matching job requirements to a list of healthcare candidates in our database,” said Lake. “This doesn’t have to be hard and we are helping change the way talent acquisition is performed by solving the current problems in the market.”