It’s this mentality that led Duncan Harwood Custom Homes, a part of the Kevlar Development Group in Dorchester to introduce the Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenge recipient’s disinfectant fogging for all of their current homes, open houses and closings for the foreseeable future.

Kevlar Development Group will harness the benefits and convenience of fogging on their active development sites between trades, and also offer it to tenants as an additional layer of protection within their businesses during the pandemic. They also continue to increase internal precautions to maintain staff safety, including fogging their shop, company trucks and equipment.

Our goal is to keep businesses open and to make it easier for people to know how to do that in a safe, efficient and effective way. For a developer like Kevlar to disinfect manually between every open house, it would take them hours, this way the house can be ready for the next showing in only an hour, and know they are keeping people safe at the same time, When we compare common cleaning products that have a reputation to be effective, they are often harsh and even harmful to not only surfaces, but the people using them. We’ve become obsessed with offering an environmentally-friendly alternative, which has the added benefit of being safer and healthier for the front line workers that continue to keep these businesses open.

Melissa Maloney, Vice President of Operations at GoFogIt

The company was started in March of 2020 to help local businesses disinfect spaces through environmentally-friendly techniques and effective solutions. The venture has since grown outside of Southwestern Ontario to serve cross-Canada and through the United States.