Effective October 1, Equation Angels, together with the Boards of its joint venture Partners: Angel One Network, Golden Triangle Angel Network and SWO Angels has announced the formation of a new management team under the leadership of Dennis Ensing, recently appointed as Chief Executive Officer. Dennis is one of the architects of Equation, was a founding member and Director of SWO Angels and most recently its Executive Director.Jess Joss is returning as President. With an extensive background in angel investing, and years in leadership roles within the ecosystem, Jess brings back to Equation her energy, marketing acumen, and vast network of connections, after a personal sabbatical that started earlier in this year. Her primary objective in this renewed, part-time role is to move forward the aspirations of the Equation Partners in the Ontario innovation and venture financing ecosystem by building collaborations, expanding engagement opportunities and elevating the Equation member experience.

Karen Grant, previously founder of Angel One Network and more recently Equation’s Interim CEO during Jess’ sabbatical, takes on the role of Chief Operating Officer. Karen is also one of the architects of Equation, which retains her depth of experience to focus half-time on its ambitious event programming, foundational systems and processes fundamental to the value Equation affords its investing members and curated pipeline of ventures seeking their capital.

Dennis has a strong and deep background in angel investing, venture capital, and the C-suite of high growth companies, leading areas such as technology development, commercialization and business development. As CEO, Dennis will focus on the critical aspects of Equation’s objective to impact aspiring entrepreneurs and the communities within the sphere of its reach.

I am incredibly pleased to join Equation, with such talented team members as Karen and Jess, to continue to build on the vision of our Equation Partners in establishing the pre-eminent angel groups in North America. This restructuring of the organisation allows Equation to capitalise on the unique talents of each team member, while also responding to the extraordinary times we are navigating. We are in a unique time and position as we work with our members, bringing them a robust pipeline of innovative companies, and helping them as they fund and support entrepreneurial growth in Southern Ontario. Angel investors are critical to new ventures and the economic impact on their communities.

Dennis Ensing, Founding member of SWO Angels