On the heels of Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenge One, TechAlliance, Libro Credit Union and Pillar Nonprofit Network have launched the second phase of the Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenges, focused on collaborative innovation to help revitalize Southwestern Ontario beyond COVID-19.

Recognizing the strength in the Innovation Economy’s diversity, innovators, entrepreneurs and industry are encouraged to work in partnership with one another to design inclusive, technology-enabled solutions to the region’s rebuilding efforts.

Design Challenge Two will grant $20,000 and a suite of personalized coaching services towards one collaborative innovative solution that supports economic recovery and community prosperity for Southwestern Ontario.

Despite disruption, Southwestern Ontario innovators, entrepreneurs and industry have adapted with urgency to create extraordinary collaborative solutions under circumstances that once felt impossible. We’re confident that passionate, thoughtful and forward-thinking innovators will respond to our call through the Design Challenge. TechAlliance is proud to be driving this initiative alongside our partners, to ignite collaboration between innovators and catalyze unique technology-enabled solutions their diverse perspectives can produce.

TechAlliance CEO, Christina Fox

Applications for Design Challenge Two will open on Monday, June 15 at 9:00 AM and close on Wednesday, June 17 at 4:00 PM. Interested applicants can refer to the challenge brief, including questions and criteria posted on the Recovery & Rebuilding the Region Design Challenges page.