Voices.com, the world’s largest marketplace connecting businesses to voice over talent, announced the launch of Voices Enterprise, an enterprise-level membership plan that offers creative teams the flexibility and support needed to deliver high-quality voice over at scale. Voices Enterprise aims to save members time and money by shortening feedback loops, getting creative teams up to speed on all things voice over, and helping them align internal workflows with voice over acquisition.

Voices Enterprise follows closely behind the launch of Voices.com’s first annual membership plan, Voices Plus, in January of this year. This exclusive, top-tier membership plan includes all the benefits of Voices Plus, while also boasting a customizable package designed to help clients – such as agencies, software companies, and entertainment businesses – solve some of their biggest problems in sourcing voice over for their creative projects. Voices Enterprise customers will receive features like consolidated monthly billing, flexible payment options, and custom agreements.

Something we’ve observed over the last year is the increasing need of Global 2000 enterprises with complex projects. These complex projects often require a higher volume of voice over and more alignment between how the enterprise operates as a business and how they source voice over. Voices Enterprise offers a solution to that complexity, and more.

David Ciccarelli, CEO and founder of Voices.com

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