Created by co-founders and friends who continued to cross paths in the tech and entrepreneurial world, CondoWorks blends together the skills and successes of its co-founders to build a Canadian-made platform that is making property management significantly easier. CondoWorks is an accounts payable automation platform built for property management companies to streamline their accounts payable workload into a digital, modern, and easy process.

Co-founder Erik Levinson, a condo owner and board member, built the platform with a deep understanding of the need for a tool like CondoWorks. Condoworks has found its success by utilizing the skills of each individual on their team to build a well-oiled machine of coding, marketing, and product experts. Seeing first-hand the complexity of accounts payable systems within condo management, Levinson used his software and payments background to build CondoWorks. Co-founder Braedon Hebert is responsible for the customer-facing and financial aspects of growing this venture, with an accounting and finance background along with extensive experience in other startups. Their collaborative work has created the opportunity to simplify the accounts payable process for property management firms by ridding most paper and mail dependent communications and documents, automating the process end-to-end. The result is a significant reduction of time and money spent on accounts payable.

With a remote office and a growing team of experts including the recent addition of co-op students, CondoWorks continues their growth across Canada with their platform in use within Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. As a current participant in TechAlliance’s GROW Accelerator, CondoWorks is dedicated to automating accounts payable and is gearing up to launch the platform into new opportunities for scale, including commercial and multi-family property management.

“We have a product that has come a long way, and with the product in market across Canada, we want to continue to grow into North America, and eventually beyond”, said Braedon Hebert, Co-founder of CondoWorks, “An opportunity like GROW Accelerator will allow us to talk about our business, hear ideas from other entrepreneurs, learn from mentors, and give us the capabilities to change things up and expand from our Zoom bubble that we’ve been in for the last year”.

Nearly mid-way through this current GROW Accelerator cohort, CondoWorks has been able to learn from honest and informative conversations with business leaders, growth coaches, and other high-growth entrepreneurs. Focused on continuing to better the processes and systems of invoice payments and online document management in a way that’s specific to the world of property management, CondoWorks is tackling the unique complexities of the propertymanagement space and tailoring their hard work to the niche requirements that offer an incredible impact to users of the platform.

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