AutoVerify, powered by Mobials Inc., is launching a second Dealer Support Program that waives monthly software fees on its AutoVerify Suite, which now includes newly developed e-Commerce functionality, until July 31, 2021.

Under this new Dealer Support Program, monthly software fees for the AutoVerify suite will be waived for all new customers. Existing customers will receive the new e-commerce functionality with no additional monthly software fees.

“We want the industry to know that at AutoVerify, we have their backs. Things are changing fast,” says Marty Meadows. “Car buyers don’t want to come into the dealership. They want to complete as much of the purchase from home as possible. Dealers are telling us they know it’s time to go digital. They need tools to help them do that, but they don’t want to pay multiple vendors for multiple tools. AutoVerify can solve these problems – it’s a one-stop shop for all the digital retailing tools dealers need to turn their websites into an efficient virtual sales floor that car buyers can visit 24/7.”

AutoVerify’s digital retailing suite offers varied functionality, and can be configured based on a dealer’s unique needs. The functionalities are merchandising, research and e-commerce. The research functionality of the AutoVerify suite is the industry’s only software that allows dealers to fully-support a car buyer’s online pre-purchase research. It generates leads while helping customers find their trade-in value, credit range, insurance options, apply for financing, request a remote test drive and get more online customer reviews.

The new e-commerce functionality is the industry’s only post-COVID e-commerce solution. It allows a dealer to meet their customer at whichever point they are in the purchase process, and support them by uncovering their credit rating, calculating their payment options, applying for financing and making no-obligation purchase offers, without disrupting the dealership’s current processes.

The AutoVerify suite helps dealers support Canadian consumers as they spend more time researching at home rather than coming into the dealership. When a dealership website has all the functionality available within the AutoVerify suite, their customers can complete nearly every aspect of buying a vehicle from the safety of their homes. In turn, that dealer receives high quality leads from customers at every stage of the purchase process.

“This is a wild time for every industry, ours included,” Meadows continues. “Pre-COVID, some dealers were making the choice to go digital. Post-COVID, it’s no longer a choice. We’re here to help dealers make this shift with as little disruption as possible.”

The Dealer Support Program comes into effect immediately and extends until July 31, 2021. Click here to take advantage of this offer.