AutoVerify, powered by Mobials Inc., is pleased to announce the acquisition of ShopDesk. This is the next step in building out the AutoVerify strategy that provides dealers with an end-to-end solution to connect and transact with digital customers looking to research and purchase a vehicle from anywhere they choose.

ShopDesk offers a full-circle customer experience through its seamless-integrated web-based and mobile apps. ShopDesk fulfills the needs of both dealers and consumers, allowing dealers to book appointments, navigate the sales process, generate payment options and financial documents, and manage the vehicle delivery status, all the while giving consumers the flexibility to build the deal remotely.

“The traditional dealership showroom has been forever changed” says James Hayes, Co-Founder and CEO of Mobials Inc, parent company to AutoVerify. “It’s time to think of car shoppers as digital customers, and recognize that digital customers expect the flexibility to research and complete a purchase from wherever they happen to be at the time. At AutoVerify, we’ve pledged to become a complete solution for dealers looking to better serve their digital customers wherever they are in their buying journey. This acquisition brings us one step closer to fulfilling that pledge.”

The ShopDesk team shares the enthusiasm. “ShopDesk was created so dealers could transact online or in-store in a simple way that provides a great customer experience,” says Peter Johnson, a spokesperson for ShopDesk Live Holdings. “Joining the AutoVerify team means we can do that on a larger scale, helping more dealers succeed in our increasingly digital world.”

This acquisition marks an important milestone in the growth and expansion of AutoVerify. “What excites me most is how this deal aligns with our company values, which are circled around the concept of Being Better,” says David Brebner, Co-Founder and CFO of Mobials Inc. “Expanding our product offering allows us to better serve our customers, and growing the company helps support the development of our people. By integrating ShopDesk into the AutoVerify team, we can continue to Be Better for our customers, our industry, and our team members.”

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