Republix, a new marketing technology company that unites top-tier agencies to clients, and clients to predictable results, has launched across North America. Announced in November, London-based Arcane joins this agency collective as one of six agency ‘Citizens’.

Focused on unifying the fragmented, service-oriented industry, Republix is powered by agency partners, each equipped with people, processes and technologies to service a multitude of client needs, while building its “Growth as a Service” technology platform.

In an ever-changing digital media landscape and fragmented marketing industry, it has become a significant challenge for business leaders to find the right agency partner and understand how to hold them accountable to results,With Republix, the game has changed, and we aim to solve this problem through technology. We are fusing these disciplines under one roof and allowing clients to tap into resources seamlessly, so they have the right people at the right time when they need them most, with predictable results.

Thomas Le Maguer, Co-Founder and CEO, Republix.

Joining Arcane are eRational Marketing, Integrity, Linked IntoLeads, Media Mechanics, and Tag, whose agencies represent over $20M in revenues collectively.

The November launch was the culmination of a year-long journey, announcing an executive team, advisory board and brand position. Unlike holding companies, the acquired agencies will remain independently-run, each with their own staff, respective business models and unique cultures as they have been established. Under this united front, Arcane will have access to shared services, significant network expansion, and operational guidance, with room for even more as Republix is actively seeking new agencies to add to its portfolio to grow its core competencies.

By consolidating the fragmented digital marketing and advertising industry, Republix offers agencies and clients an opportunity to:

  • Leverage Technology: Based on a company’s business objectives, Republix’ Growth as a Service platform will pick the best growth strategy for a business, protect their marketing investment and produce measurable outcomes with accountability.
  • Redefine Procedures: Republix will use its collective expertise to identify gaps and empower its Citizens to orchestrate their people, processes, and technology optimally.
  • Shed Limitations: Citizens are part of an ecosystem of seamless collaboration. They can tap into resources beyond their core competencies to expand their offerings.

Free Up Time: Republix will handle agency operations to focus on what they do best while maximizing client results.


Companies and agencies are encouraged to visit to learn more about how Republix can transform their business.