Alex Leonard Media (AL Media) proudly took home the 2021 UpCity Excellence awards for local and national excellence, marking the multimedia company as one of the most loved and recommended B2B service providers in Canada. UpCity is a platform used to connect businesses to service providers and encourages reviews and feedback within the platform. AL Media swept up their deserving awards for both London and Canada as the highest-rated service provider on the platform. This achievement comes from the high standards of service they provide and AL Media’s incredible sustainability and activism goals, making them a standout business worth infinite 5-star reviews.  

Founded in 2018 by digital media and art lover, Alex Leonard, AL Media has transformed into a nationally recognized company with a small but mighty team producing handmade painted murals, strategic video productions, graphic design, and podcast management. The multimedia approach of AL Media stems from Founder Alex Leonard’s upbringing surrounded by art and community support. “My family is artistic, and I was encouraged to explore art from a young age. Between them and my art teachers throughout my schooling, they fueled my fire and liberated me as an artist”, said Leonard.  

Leonard founded AL Media after seeing an opportunity for his hobbies to become his career. Having invested in camera equipment for a life-changing study opportunity in Sri Lanka, he decided to utilize his new tools to help businesses create professional-level video and promotional content. With plans to make a documentary about the relationship between elephants and rural farmers in Sri Lanka while abroad, Leonard used this trip and experience to create a multi-media business with a strong focus on environmental impact and sustainability. This focus now inspires AL Media’s work across all art forms to amplify the environmental impact of businesses and their active steps towards a green future. Leonard saw the importance of marketing environmental activism in businesses as a public relations issue that many companies face, and actively works toward highlighting the green actions of businesses in Southwestern Ontario. Now companies who focus on a better planet have an artistic partner in AL Media to portray their message.  

“AL Media can be a guiding force to help provide resources, assets, and marketing collateral to governments and nonprofits, because it is something that they struggle with. I also want to encourage businesses to be ecologically conscious, because if green was the norm, we wouldn’t be in state we’re in”. – Alex Leonard, AL Media 

With sustainable development goals in mind such as sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, and climate action, AL Media became a service provider with the bonus of care and humanity. Leonard has professional expertise in the sustainable forestry industry and brings that care for the planet into every interaction and production through his company. With his documentary titled Humans and Elephants having already debuted in film festivals, Leonard will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to access the documentary and other treasures such as original art prints done by Alex himself. The funds from this campaign will be donated to the sanctuaries and research centers featured in the film.  

Wearing many hats, Leonard has been able to expand AL Media into what it is today and plans to continue working alongside Southwestern Ontario and international businesses to push for sustainable action and the promotion of an eventual green economy. The UpCity Excellence awards are just the start of what AL Media will achieve because the quality service, friendly team, and future goals ahead will set Leonard and his team apart. The businesses and people who have used AL Media and UpCity have a hand in this milestone double achievement, Alex states, “It wouldn’t be possible without those who put their trust in me, believed in my content, and took the time to write favourable reviews.”