About Us

When entrepreneurs need help starting or growing a tech-based business, they turn to TechAlliance. As the Regional Innovation Centre for London and surrounding areas as part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, TechAlliance is the ultimate resource for tech companies at any stage of their growth.

TechAlliance offers services to help start, grow and connect companies in many industries including digital media, the life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and clean technology. These services include access to valuable expertise, seed funding, educational programs and workshops, industry-specific events, and a comprehensive membership program.

When you think of turning an idea into a new business, growing an existing tech company, or connecting with the regional tech community, think TechAlliance.

Our Mission

To grow the innovative businesses of today, and launch the startups of tomorrow.

Our Vision

We envision a region where tech-driven businesses accelerate economic growth and job creation, and where the spirit of entrepreneurship thrives.

Goals and Objectives

  1. TechAlliance will listen and respond to the needs of the tech community, in collaboration with key stakeholders.
  2. TechAlliance will foster innovation by identifying and supporting innovators,  recognizing and sharing success stories, and facilitating community discussion.
  3. TechAlliance will accelerate growth by providing access to advisory services, resources and partner networks, and connecting entrepreneurs and companies with funding and talent.
  4. TechAlliance will provide leadership by leveraging the collective strength of Southwestern Ontario’s tech sector to maximize public and private support and resources.
  5. TechAlliance will create learning opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies focusing on best practices, improving operations, and networking with peers.
  6. TechAlliance will support the development and retention of the current workforce, and engage the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

TechAlliance Board of Directors

  • Maureen Morton (Chair), MJM Law Professional Corporation
  • Gord Hart (Vice-Chair), Employee Benefit & Pension Specialist, Selectpath Benefits & Financial Inc.
  • Chris Dowding (Treasurer), Partner, Deloitte Canada
  • David Ciccarelli, Co-Founder & CEO, Voices.com
  • Claudette Critchley, COO & President, Big Blue Bubble
  • Shantal Feltham, President & CEO, Stiris Research Inc.
  • Gitta Kulczycki, Vice-President, Resources & Operations, Western University
  • Dan Sinai, Senior Executive of Innovation, IBM Canada